Christopher Parker (cparker) wrote in batch_scripting,
Christopher Parker

Changing Workgroup from Command Line/Batch Script

Would anybody know how to change a computer's workgroup membership? I know it's possible to do it by doing the following (in Windows XP):
  1. Right-clicking My Computer
  2. Clicking Properties to get the System Properties window
  3. Tabbing to Computer Name
  4. Clicking the Change button to get the Computer Name Changes window
  5. Selecting the radio button next to Workgroup
  6. Typing the new workgroup name into the available text box
  7. Clicking OK on the Computer Name Changes window
  8. Clicking OK (or Apply then OK) on the System Properties window
Alternatively, I know it's possible to use the Network Identification Wizard to set the computer's workgroup to WORKGROUP.

Is it possible to do all of this from the command line (Command Prompt) or from a batch script (batch file, command script)?

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